FASTPATCH Product Selection Guide

FastPatch by POLYQuik Performance Products Division

The FASTPATCH line of products gives you the tools to repair damaged concrete and damaged asphalt, spalls, or broken voids in everything from roadways and parking lots, to warehouse buildings, sidewalks and more…

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Where to use FASTPATCH™ Products

Where to use FASTPATCH Where to use FASTPATCH

FASTPATCH DPR (Distressed Pavement Repair) - FASTPATCH DPR is an easy-to-apply, long-lasting, high-load bearing, polymeric repair material for distressed pavement. FastPatch DPR is supplied in complete, ready-to-use kits with a polymer blend of recycled and renewable materials. Each kit comes with two color options of Gray or Black, and both Gray and Black topping sand to blend repair areas with the surrounding pavement. FastPatch DPR can be applied in cool or warm conditions, and in cold conditions with the aid of FASTPATCH Kicker accelerator, to form a permanent repair that is quickly ready for traffic.

  • Highways, Roadways, Streets - spalls, pothole repairs, general repair
  • Bridges & Tunnels, Approaches and Departures
  • Airports & Runways
  • Micro-Trenches – roadways, joints, utility cuts
  • Parking Facilities – holes, walkways, broken areas
  • Railroad Facilites, Trackage
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Warehouses, Warehouse Floors - spall repair, resurfacing
  • Truck Depots, loading docks, loading areas
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • Driveways, Patios, Decks - dropped corners, trip hazards
  • Sidewalks, Golf Cart Paths, Walkways
  • Much more... "repair instead of replace"

FASTPATCH 5000 - is a flexible, two-component urethane designed to be a fast curing repair product for concrete. It is a 100% solids product supplied in ready-to-use cartridges. FASTPATCH 5000 has excellent adhesion to concrete. Repaired areas can be opened to traffic in as little as an hour. Easy to use flexible spall repair.

FASTPATCH ACR Asphalt Alligator Crack Repair is a cold applied, easy to mix asphalt restoration and repair material. FastPatch ACR is used to repair alligatoring cracks while providing a protective layer over the cracks to help prevent further cracking and to keep water from entering the cracks. FastPatch ACR is a 100% solids polymer composite. No water or solvents. FASTPATCH ACR is supplied in complete, pre-measured, ready-to-use kits. FASTPATCH ACR Asphalt Alligator Crack Repair provides long lasting, durable repairs that allow for rapid return to service, within an hour of installation.

FASTPATCH CF (Crack Filler) is a rapid setting two-part polyurethane designed for concrete repair. It is designed for damaged concrete surfaces where cracks, spalls and edge breaks must be filled in to extend the life of the concrete. Its combination of fast set, high strength and low viscosity make it ideal for areas which must be brought to level. It may be left uncoated after cure, or standard concrete coatings may be applied over it.

FASTPATCH LV (Low Viscosity) - For narrow cracks, freezer floors and climates where the temperature drops below freezing. FASTPATCH LV is best described as a fast-setting concrete repair solution. It has an ultra-low viscosity and is most often used to repair cracked or spalled concrete and for freezer floors or narrow cracks in climates where the temperatures drop below freezing. FASTPATCH LV has the ability to penetrate deeply into concrete and cure at below zero temperatures, which result in superior strength. Once applied, the area can be returned to service within 15 minutes. This product is also certified as safe to use in areas where food products are handled. Customer evaluations have found that the product has excellent performance in below-freezing conditions.

FASTPATCH HC (High Compression) - A self-contained kit when high compressive strength is needed. FASTPATCH HC is a very high compressive strength material suitable for base plate grouting and high impact areas.

FASTPATCH NS (Non-Sag) - When the damage is overhead or vertical, such as ceilings, walls or pillars. Also excellent for bonding road reflectors on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

FASTPATCH MD (Meter Dispensing) - is perfect for repairing large areas of spalled, cracked, or damaged concrete. FASTPATCH MD is meter dispensed to easily and quickly repair spalls in traffic lanes.

Use of FASTPATCH Polyprime 350 is available to you if the surface being repaired is damp or difficult to dry completely. Under dry conditions primers are generally not required with FastPatch materials.

The following legacy products have generally been replaced by the comprehensive FASTPATCH DPR Line of pavement repair kits. These popular kits are still available to purchase with up to 10 days lead time possibly required.

FASTPATCH GC (Gravel Component) - A self-contained basic kit for smaller repairs utilizing FASTPATCH MD (resin and ISO) with a gravel component (GC). FASTPATCH GC is a handy gravel extended polyurethane concrete repair kit. Everything you need except the tools is in the 5 gallon bucket: resin, activator, gravel and topping pumice. Easy to mix, quick to install and cured within 30 minutes without finishing or curing. Use only on horizontal concrete surfaces

FASTPATCH SC (Sand Component) - A self-contained kit when a sand component is needed. FASTPATCH SC should be used for shallow repairs up to ¼” or when a slurry coat is preferred.

FASTPATCH AC (Asphalt and Concrete) - Is a repair product for asphalt and concrete roadways.