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FASTPATCH Asphalt Alligator Crack Repair Kit

FASTPATCH Asphalt Alligator Crack Repair Kit

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Date Added: Tuesday April 27, 2021

by Seth Stewart

In the end, I ordered four kits to put on my alligator cracked driveway.

In the first order, I ordered one kit + an eggbeater mixer thinking that I would be able to cover most of my driveway cracks with it. After following the instructions on the kit, I was ready to begin patching the cracks on my driveway. I mixed for ~2 minutes, put the lid back on, and started pouring the mixture out of the pour hole. The temperature outside was 60F, so I knew I had some flex time to get the mixture into the cracks. What the instructions fail to mention is that you need to dump the ENTIRE bucket as soon as it is mixed. By dumping the whole bucket, you will have about 10 minutes of working time to squeegee it to fill the voids. If you do not dump the whole bucket, it will start to set and will become unusable. I lost about a half of a bucket due to this.

After having trouble with the first bucket, I called PTI and asked for some advice. Here is what they told me:
- Don't over mix. 2 minutes is likely too long to mix. Mix for ~60-90 seconds or until the two mixtures appear to be fully mixed.
- Dump the entire bucket. Having an extra pair of hands was helpful when using buckets #2-4. Application went on smooth.

I made another order. In the second order, I ordered 3 more kits of ACR. I wish that I would have added one more to my cart because there were a few small spots that I would have loved to patched with the ACR patch rather than sealcoating.

Overall, I am super excited how this product worked on my very ugly alligator cracked driveway. Thank you for taking the time to provide some advice and recommendations on how to apply the product after my first unsuccessful attempt.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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